EPCON G5 (Discontinued and Replaced by RED HEAD C6+)


The epoxy resin and hardener are completely mixed as they are dispensed from the dual car tridge through a static mixing nozzle, directly into the anchor hole. G5 can be used with threaded rod or rebar.


Compliant with 2003 IBC & 2006 IBC. Category 1 performance rating. One bond strength — no load reduction factors (φφ) required for installation conditions such as dry, water-saturated, water-filled, underwater, and submerged applications.

  • Fire rated: tested up to 4hrs FRP
  • High strength Epoxy tip, no cutting required
  • 15 minute nozzle life at 21°C
  • International Standard Fire Resistance Performance
  • Virtually odorless, can be used indoors
  • Easy to open, snap-off tip, no cutting required


Anchoring a concrete traffic barrier wall to concrete bridge deck.

Doweling rebar into bridge deck and forming to pour new barrier wall using G5.

Doweling rebar into concrete foundation wall prior to building concrete block wall using G5.

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Conforms to ASTM C881-02; Type I & IV; Grade 3; Class A, B, and C; with exceptions.

ICC Evaluation Service, Inc.– No. ESR 1137

DOT Approvals

Miami-Dade County # 04-0405.01

Florida Building Code Approved

Patent No. 6,874,661